Science Programme

Yuva Vikas Samiti (YVS) is a pioneer scientific institute in the field of science organized the Science Fair/ Exhibition in  many District of Uttar Pradesh Science and technology holds a paramount place in the modern world but unfortunately many tribal communities of our country without the exception of communities of Uttar pradesh  India often have misconception that science is a subject to be learnt by brighter and intelligent students. The misconception results into creating fear psychosis with fewer students taking interest in science. The practice of leaving science for the brighter lot became a tradition enthusiasm for scientific studies and exploration is lesser amongst the communities To necessitate scientific knowledge and bring larger awareness about the importance of science and technology, tribal communities needs to be sensitized at large scale by organizing events that will not only captivate their vision but also induced them to learning science. Apart from the class room teachings in the schools and colleges, it is necessary that students also experience and witness.

the working wonders of science starting from the basic level to the varied designs of science and its application. One of the main setbacks to the students in the remote areas is the unavailability or infrastructure, facilities and technologies required to enhance the learning methods of science.