Best Practices

Akshay Project at A Glance

District : Siddharth Nagar

Vikash Khand: Dumariaganj, Bhanawapur

T.U.   Dumariagnaj

D.M.C.: Bewa, Sohana, Dumariaganj, Bhanawapur.

IMG_20130601_053637 copyEvents of Success:  The Instituin in starting phase of Akshay Project to give actual shape to the concept of T.B. Free India started T.B. effort with asertaining participation of Panchayats and moments of Govt. machinery. As the result of which participation of representatives of Panchayats was asertained as well as participation of persons, related to the Rashtriya Punarokshit kshay Rog Niyantran Programme was also a asertained. Since April 2012 to January 2013 several events of success are as under:

  • Event of Gram Pradhan Sahajwar
  • Excellent approach of Gram Pradhan Chaukania.
  • Launching of Bulgam test program.

Excellent efforts: Institution made continuous efforts Particapation of Public regarding serious desease like T.B. the Institution continuously has continued its efforts. In this connection, the Institution is vigilant to meakevigilant the people  and publice about work of village healthand Nutrition committee. In this regard the institution has Performed three important and excellent effort for success

 Akshya Project:-

  • Letter of Pradhan Ji.
  • Sanp Seedhi khel se le sikha, T.B. Rog se kare suraksha (community based game)
  • Kshay Rog ki jab ho bat, Gram swasthy evam Poshad samiti ka ho sath (Scroll)
  • T.B. Mukti ho bharat Apna. (Poem)
  • Chaturi Chachi ki chaupal.
  • Publication of Akshaya varta news letter with the help of Akshaya partner.


  • Failure of regular follow-up of movements of Akshays project.
  • D.M.C. without L.T.
  • Money extortion from Patients at Referal Centers.
  • Shortage of I.E.C. goods.
  • Failure of growth in efficeave of persons attached to Dots.